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Chicago art classes RED HOT ANNIE
Drawing on over a decade of performance experience, Red Hot Annie is an award-winning, internationally-recognized burlesque headliner. She is also the founder of Chicago's VAUDEZILLA! (Chicago's top-rated burlesque show), Vaudezilla Studios (Chicago's top-rated source for burlesque classes) and the Windy City Burlesque Fest. A constant presence in Chicago burlesque, she has also traveled extensively throughout the United States and abroad, with regular appearances all over Europe and the UK, most notably yearly appearances in France, where she has hosted (en fran├žais) and performed at numerous events and festivals.
Chicago art classes SHIRLEY BLAZEN
Shirley Blazen is one heavy hit of Screwball and Sizzle. Serving high energy hijinks on her toes and on the mic, Blazen is an animated slapstick performer with finesse for funny. She produces Funny Grabs Back, a comedic variety benefit show and is the creative director of the Screwbelles, burlesque sketch ensemble. Her antics garnered acclaim wherever over-the-top, shticky, nerdy antics can be peddled. She's batty, brazen and Oh So Amazin' she's Shirley Blazen!
Chicago art classes BEX CHAPMAN
Bex Chapman is a pop singer/songwriter. Best known for their catchy songs and dark synthpop sound, Bex has garnered a small following as well as attention from international collaborators. Bex earned a B.A. in Contemporary, Urban and Popular Music from Columbia College Chicago.