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Rebellion Rising / Class F.A.Q.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Revlt


Rebellion Rising
3330 W Irving Park Rd
Chicago IL 60618


Q: What are the classes like?
A: Everyday people take these classes - lawyers, nurses, teachers, parents, married, divorced, single, all nationalities, ages, abilities, and sizes. Classes are very inclusive, diverse, female-centric, body-positive environments where we focus on building new skillskets! Our teachers are non-judgmental professionals within their field, who are skilled, patient, and most of all - fun! You will be in a class with other people who are at your skill level, not professionals (unless you opt to go that route).

Q: When will the next session be announced?
A: Each new session is announced 2-3 weeks prior to the beginning of the session. For example, if you were looking for May's schedule, it would be announced in the middle of April.

Q: Can I sign up at any time, or should I wait to join until you start a new session?
A: Each session is about 8 weeks long and should be signed up during the open registration (listed above) - we do allow late registrations (at full price) up to the second week of classes. We encourage potential students to drop-in to see if a class will be good for them. Each drop-in class is $25.

Q: How old do you have to be to take a class?
A: Students must be 18+ to take classes at Rebellion Rising (unless otherwise noted).

Q: Can I watch a class and see what it's like before committing?
A: We encourage potential students to drop-in to see if a class will be good for them. Each drop-in class is $25.

Q: If I miss a class, is there a way to make it up?
A: There are no makeup classes offered at this time. If you are unable to attend a class, we can not offer an a "make-up" spot in other classes, since most classes maintain capacity through-out the session.

Q: What if I want to perform?
A: If you are interested in performing, you should inform your teacher, who can provide you with additional guidance and instruction as well as opportunities outsides of class.

Q: What if I don't want to perform?
A: There is never any pressure to perform. Most of the students who take Rebellion Rising classes have no intention of performing, and take the class as a form of exercise and expression.